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challenge verb definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
This decision is likely to be challenged by the oil companies. challenge someone on something.: Theyre not likely to challenge us on any of the details. challenge someone to do something.: We challenged the company to prove that its system was safe.
Challenge Definition of Challenge by Merriam-Webster.
4: the act or process of provoking or testing physiological activity by exposure to a specific substance especially: a test of immunity by exposure to an antigen. Other Words from challenge Synonyms Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about challenge.
Traduction: challenge Dictionnaire anglais-français Larousse.
to challenge somebody lancer un défi à quelqu'un.' to challenge somebody to do something défier quelqu'un' de faire quelque chose. to challenge somebody to a game of tennis inviter quelqu'un' à faire une partie de tennis. to challenge somebody to a duel provoquer quelqu'un' en duel.
challenge Definition of challenge in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
Since one is not allowed to select jurors, but only to challenge deselect them, traditional approaches to jury selection have focused on identification and challenge of undesirable jurors. Defence Counsel may challenge two jury candidates and jurors will be asked if they have any connection with case or defendant.
challenge Wiktionnaire.
The greatest measure of a man is not the way he handles times of comfort but in the way he rises through controversy and challenges. Martin Luther King. Contestation, opposition à une affirmation, une action, une décision. Difficulté bien dosée, intéressante et stimulante dun jeu. Dérivés modifier le wikicode. ice bucket challenge. Verbe modifier le wikicode. Infinitif to challenge.
Right to Challenge Bewoners en maatschappelijke organisaties.
Voorbeelden van R2C. Right to Challenge R2C. B ij Right to Challenge R2C kunnen bewoners taken van gemeenten overnemen als zij denken het slimmer, beter, goedkoper of anders te kunnen doen. Hoe je dit kunt doen, staat op deze website van het Netwerk Right to Challenge.
Wat is het Right to Challenge? VNG.
Wat is het Right to Challenge? Het Right to Challenge RtC staat voor het Recht om Uit te dagen. De kern van de aanpak is dat een groep georganiseerde bewoners taken van gemeenten kunnen overnemen als zij denken dat het anders, beter, slimmer en/of goedkoper kan.
How to challenge a rent increase Shelter England. cross. Shelter.
How to challenge a rent increase. When a private tenant can challenge a rent increase or excessive rent at the First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber. Appeals to the First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber. The First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber deals with appeals on a range of disputes relating to property and land.

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